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First the idea was simple – take the classic trunk and shrink it into a shoulder bag. Of course the idea was not only legendary, but it was also mixed with Fendi Replica Handbags craftsmanship. The bag represents boldness and stylish statement. The original Fendi Replica Handbags was launched in the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, it was adorned with the crosses signature of the world traveler Albert Kahn. (p.s. also available in Monogram Canvas, as well as in Epi Leather).

Fendi Replica Handbags

When a bag becomes hot, expand! For the Cruise 2015 Collection, Fendi Replica Handbags to the next stage. Now instead of mirroring the Maison’s heritage trunkmaking style, the fashion brand literally modernized it. Each side features a strong and bold stick.

And they are getting better and better, for the Spring Summer 2015 Collection, Fendi Replica Handbags announced the new Replica Prada Bags. It’s not easy to carry a boxy and hard bag around your shoulder, so Nicolas designed a new one that is so much softer. Instead of the crosses signature, it comes with a chic tag and its perfect for casual use.